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Then you should try it with us, because we can help you with your career as a hostess, presenter, promoter, or grid girl.
We can help you get started as well as grow your career. You can manage your time as a hostess and have a high degree of self-determination, it doesn't matter if you want to work full or part time or as a student job. We are always looking for new faces and are looking forward to meeting you!
So feel free to apply as a hostess, promoter, grid girl or moderator!
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You want to become a moderator, hostess or promoter in Zurich?

We at the Hostess Agency Zurich can help you with that! We make sure that you are paid fairly and on time and only get trustworthy job offers. In addition, we are always available for questions or other concerns. This way we make sure that you will be taken care of in the best possible way.
As a hostess, you benefit from the self-determination that is made possible for you. You are not forced into any job, but rather choose for yourself which jobs you want to accept and which you don't! In addition, you benefit from the attractive disposal and a varied everyday life as a hostess.
Since you will be in direct contact with visitors most of the time, it is important that you are an open person who likes to communicate with others.
You will be approached by many different people, such as the managing directors of other companies. Therefore you should know which manners are desired. Sometimes you will also meet people who do not speak German. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important that hostesses also speak foreign languages, such as English. You should also have a well-groomed appearance, since you represent the company you work for.
You think you fit our description? Then nothing stands in the way of your career with our hostess agency in Zurich. Apply easily via our online application and receive your first jobs soon.

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Become a hostess - frequently asked questions

To apply for a job with us, you only need to submit a few details about yourself via our online application form. If you have already worked at trade fairs, please send us the appropriate references!

Depending on how many applications we receive in that time, it may take 5-10 days before you receive a response from us. 

In most cases you will receive job inquiries by e-mail, but in case of spontaneous inquiries it can also happen that we contact you by phone or Whatsapp.

Definitely not! You decide for yourself with every job whether you want to accept it or not!