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Student jobs in Zurich

Student jobs as a trade fair hostess in Zurich!

If you are a student and would like to earn some money while studying, but want to be flexible in terms of time,then a part-time job as a hostess with us is the right thing for you. As a hostess you are on the road at trade fairs and events of various kinds in different cities in Switzerland.

The job of a hostess is very diverse, you can work e.g. as a fair hostess, grid girl,promoter or moderator – you decide yourself for which area you would like to be employed and you only accept the job offers that you really want and that fit into your time planning.

Of course, as a hostess you will receive an attractive salary and you will meet a lot of new people. Sounds good? Then go ahead and apply at our hostess agency Zurich.

Become a Hostess

Why work as a hostess of all things?

As a student, you probably already live in a larger city or nearby. These are exactly the places where numerous trade fairs and events regularly take place. For these, of course, the right event staff is needed. So why you should become a hostess – here is a short summary for you with the most important aspects:

If the event takes place directly in your city, you save time and money for travel and accommodation. 

The biggest difference to other part-time jobs! As a hostess, you decide yourself whether and which job requests you accept and which not. You don't have a boss who tells you when you have to work. 

As a hostess you often earn up to 20€ an hour or more, depending on the customer. So you can earn in one weekend alone what others have to work several weeks for. 

More money in less time also means more time for you, your private life and university. 

Where you work, you also have the opportunity to participate in the events after work as a visitor. And that free of charge. 
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